Best CBD products for sports

What CBD products I found best for sports recovery.
Best CBD products for sports
What’s the best CBD products to use for sports recovery or injuries? 

This is a common question we get asked, and there can be a lot of confusion out there. So I’ll speak from personal experiences. 

I suffered for years with pain in my hips. Whenever I did any exercise, no matter how little I would have some pain and discomfort. 

After 2 surgeries, and the recovery this pain became worse after exercise. Since then I have turned to cbdMD which personally has helped! 

The two products in the range that have worked best for me are the Freeze roller and Recover cream. 

The Freeze I put on during exercise, or immediately after to try ease some sore muscles. Whereas the Recover, I put on in an evening to let it soak deep overnight. 

Both these products contain lots more than just CBD which could help manage the pain. Some of these including Arnica, MSM, Menthol and Aloe. 

Could these products help you recover after exercise? 
Remember, we’re offering a free Freeze Roller 300mg from our clearance section when you spend £50 or more. 

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